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J.NINE is the moniker of multimedia artist and music maker Janine Claase. Hailing from South Africa (raised in Hong Kong) and now based in Ireland, J.NINE is known for creating cinematic, instrumental music that transports listeners to otherworldly places. With dreamy synths, bitter-sweet melodies, dark bass arrangements, and unexpected drums, her sound is both haunting and uplifting, a peculiar marriage between synth-wave and ambient electronic. Although never formally trained in music, J.NINE's fine art background influences her unique approach to songwriting, resulting in a style that is both original and inspiring. Drawing inspiration from other avant-garde artists like Bjork, Sevdaliza and Tsunaina, J.NINE's debut EP 'TIME & PLACE' features four original tracks that tell their own mythic stories. The EP will be released on May 26th, 2023.

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